Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where Have I Been This Time?

Ok, once again I have been MIC (missing in crafting). So what have I been up to this time? Preparing for my first craft show! It was my goal to be in at least one craft show this year so I jumped at the first one I saw calling for crafters. I then spent the next two and a half months preparing inventory for the event. I cranked out as many picture frames, journals, sketch books, magnets, holiday planners, mini wire bound notebooks and gift tags as I could and I have to admit-- I was rather pleased with myself! Soooo, the day of the craf tshow arrives and guess what! BLIZZARD CONDITIONS! Yes, about an hour into the start of the show it started coming down and after a few hours had gone by people just stopped showing up. It was a real bummer. I did however manage to make enough sales to go a little above the cost to be in the show so I felt satisfied with what I had accomplished. Now on to the fun part... pictures!
Here I am all super excited and proud of myself (and a little hyped up on one of those 5 hour energy drinks). You can see behind me the calm before the storm... (However, I loved that spot because it really was beautiful to watch the snow falling). I wanted to go for a vintage inspired set up and I really liked how it all turned out.
Next up is a view of my journal and sketchbook display. The books on top are actual vintage books I thought would look great as display props.
Here you can see my fall inspired frames. These are probably my favorite frames of all the ones I made simply because I find them so stunning and richly colored.
Next is a view of my vintage inspired frames and my bottlecap magnets (also vintage inspired). The night before the show I was freaking out about how to display my magnets and then I had this idea... to use this old wooden chessboard. People seemed to really like the idea!
Below are the baskets I used to display my gift tags, mini notebooks and holiday planners. You can also see a few Halloween themed frames behind them.

All in all I accomplished my goal and I was very proud of myself. I am looking forward to next year now that I won't have any fear of the unknown feeding on my creative energy. Oh, and next time... I will definitely be preparing more then two months in advance. *GRIN*
As always