Sunday, September 13, 2015

And Life Goes On...

At one point in time this blog was a huge part of my weekly routine... I loved creating and sharing those creations with the world (whether the world was taking a look or not... which was mostly not). And then? Well, life happened. Not the good kind of life where you're just so busy with all the amazing things going on that you can't possibly squeeze in a five minute post about whatever your latest creation is. No, it was the kind of life that just takes you out of the game for awhile... the kind that robs you of all your passions and steals away any inspiration from your world.

But hey, it happens. And then? And then life goes on. At first it's just figuring out a way to cope and get through every day. After awhile though, if you allow healing to take place and actively participate in moving on, you realize you're not just coping and getting by anymore. You realize you're actually living again... you realize you're smiling and laughing and really, truly living again. And that's where I am now. Like, all of a sudden, without putting too much thought into it, life has somehow returned to me. And with it, inspiration! And with inspiration, the urge to create!

So now what? Well, now life continues to go on. And maybe I will start to create again. And if I do create, maybe I will find five minutes to share it with the world again (whether the world is looking or not)...

As always (yes, ALWAYS)