Saturday, March 17, 2012

Altered Rolodex Holder: Before and After

If you happened to check out my Altered Rolodex Holder post yesterday, you know I mentioned it started out in a sad state. I wanted to share the before and after's with you today and a little about my process to repair some of the damage. (If you want to know exact details on getting to the finished product and everything I used, please view yesterday's post).

Here you can see the front of the lid has a crack going down the angled part and a chip missing from the front lip. Looking at it now, I suppose it wasn't really all that bad considering how old it must be, but still... it was begging for me to alter it!

The most important thing to me to begin with was fixing the area where there was an actual piece missing. I decided to use cardstock to bridge over the empty space. I placed the cardstock on both the top and bottom...

Next, I wanted to make sure it was as stable as possible so that it would be a surface I could work over without worrying about anything so I used athlete's tape (gone over in vintage photo distress ink) to cover the entire lip. I knew the decoupaging I did with book pages and mod podge would take care of the crack so I didn't do anything to prep that.
And here you can see where the gash used to be- you can't even tell!
And just one last look at the final outcome...

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll be inspired to look at things a little differently and maybe fix up something of your own!
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  1. Talk about turning trash into treasure. It was interesting to see the "before" pictures. You really did a great job. Looking forward to doing some rolo swaps.

  2. You are a stinking genious the way you repaired was in sad shape:( Great job altering!!


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