Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back To My First Love

I must say April was definitely the month for me! I started listing items for sale on Etsy in January and felt like I was beating my head against the proverbial wall with absolutely no sales for three months. When I first started listing on Etsy I started out by listing crocheted items- baby blankets, dish cloths, loofahs and even some cute fingerless gloves. I learned to crochet in the fall of last year (2009) so I was trying to stretch my skill level and learn and do as much as I could. I like crocheting, but I wouldn't say I'm passionate about it. So after awhile, my lack of passion combined with no sales combined with what felt like the onset of carpal tunnel I decided to go back to my first love... paper crafting!

In mid April I made my first card set and within a few hours of listing it, I had a special request for not only that set, but 15 more of the same card. Just like that- FIRST SALE! This happened two more days in a row to end up being three sales in three days! Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I finally felt like all my hard work had paid off. Since then I have tried to add at least one new item to my shop every day and have made six more sales since for a grand total of nine sales!

Now I am more motivated than ever to continue doing what I LOVE because when you do what you love, it's easy to love what you do!

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