Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun With My New Distrezz It All

Today has been a GREAT day! Why? Because this morning Mr. FedEx arrived with my recent order which included my new Distrezz It All and my one inch Antique Brass owires. Fifteen minutes later Mr. UPS arrived with my recent order which was loaded with chipboard, 7 Gypsies book boards and some round paper punches (I wanted better nesting options for various projects)! So yes... a wonderful day indeed! And of course I was ready to get playing with my new "toy"... I had already cut my paper to the right size for my new book boards so I whipped out my new distrezzer and.... HOLY TOLEDO!! That thing has some serious kick! I about had a heart attack with the way that thing grabbed onto my first set of papers. After that though, it was super easy and I am soooooo, soooooo deeply in love with it!! So here's my first project utilizing the Distrezz It All, a long with the Bind It All and my new 7 Gypsies book boards... Enjoy!

I filled the book with 30 pages of Kraft card stock. Doesn't it just look so lush and wonderful?

I really love the character the Distrezz It All adds. It really pulls together the vintage inspired aesthetic. Plus, it distresses at a rapid speed. I couldn't believe how quickly I finished this project. So yeah... I am in love with Zutter products... the soul mate kind of love.
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  1. I love your book especially the way you bound it.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog I am just getting started and I can use the encouragement.

    I will soon be posting a hand bound book I made for a swap. Hope you'll pop back and take a look.


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