Friday, July 15, 2011

Where The Magic Happens...

I absolutely love taking a peek into other people's crafty spaces. Too fun! So now I'm going to give a little peek into my own... I have pretty much taken over most of part of one of our home's common rooms as the place for all my crafting-- where the magic happens! Lately the magic has been getting less magical as things have become cluttered and crowded. I recently went through all my lovely supplies (can you say hoarder!?) and put things I no longer needed or wanted into a yard sale. Luckily, pretty much all of it sold right away! I decided to use my earnings on a couple new crafting items...the Zutter Kutter, the DreamKuts, and the Distrezz It All. Soooo... of course with all of these magnificent items on the way I REALLY needed to do some cleaning and de-cluttering. I decided to go ahead and get that done tonight since my orders should be rolling in sometime next week!
So here's the before...

And now the lovely after...
My lovely work surface... (If you look closely you can see my new paper trimmer! I decided to upgrade now that I'm going to be making a lot of books and journals. I wanted to be able to cut at least 6 inches without having to pull out the measurement arm).
This is where my photographic magic happens... in my little home made light box! This is an entertainment center I have completely re-purposed for my craft storage needs.
The whole she-bang...

Thanks for checking things out-- I look forward to sharing many up-coming projects with you as I settle into my newly cleaned and organized work space!

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