Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Workbox In All Its Glory...AKA Probably The Worst Videos Ever

So here it is, as promised, video of my assembled Workbox and all the goodies now calling it home! These are the first videos I have ever made so please forgive me for the crappiest camera work you will ever see. They are titled Part 3 and Part 4 because Part 1 is the Workbox being delivered (taken off the truck) and Part 2 is the Workbox assembled, but not filled.

I hope you've enjoyed checking out the Workbox and all my goodies! (The company did send the shelves that were missing so it is now complete). I have been so productive since having the Workbox. I'm actually able to create what I want when I want because I am no longer worried about fumbling around for all my supplies or having to dig things out just to have to put them back in some corner in a box again five minutes later. Please let me know what you think... leave a comment!

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