Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Creativity Met Lack of Inspiration (This Is Not A Love Story)

There are times when I will want to create, but it isn't clear what to create. We've all been there- the place where creativity meets up with lack of inspiration and decides to hang out awhile. Your fingers are raring to go, but the mind is seemingly blank. We all have our own ways of dealing with our creative blahs- the things that work best for us. Or maybe you haven't found what works best for you yet (don't worry, you will). Next time you're looking for inspiration give this a try- LOOK. Look through your papers... the different colors, textures and designs. Peruse through your collection of stamps, even the ones you don't seem to use all that often. Dig through your many embellishments... searching for something that might catch your eye. Your supplies trust you to turn them into something amazing. Maybe you should trust them to get you there.

For me, all it usually takes is one tiny moment, one piece of paper or stamp that grabs me, and the rest just comes rushing in. The layout, the embellishments, the color scheme. Sometimes it happens so fast I have to write or sketch it out before I forget. So give it a try- there really isn't anything to lose from trying (and you may even find some great supplies you forgot you had!). Does it work every time? No. It does however work most of the time. And if it's not working it's usually a sign that I am just creatively burned out. When that happens I treat myself to a little creative R&R. Yes, even creativity needs a nap now and then (especially after hanging out with lack of inspiration).

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  1. Wanting to create and having no inspiration is frustrating. That feeling of an idea rushing in out of nowhere is so good though.

    (I love the title of this post.)

  2. I know! I love that feeling too, Kala! It's like a wave rushing over you!


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