Monday, February 14, 2011

A Shout Out To OOZAK.COM

I know I recently spotlighted on my list of great websites to buy from. However, I had a recent (as in, today) experience with this site that warrants mentioning. In this day and age it seems great customer service is hard to come by especially when you are not dealing with someone face-to-face. Not only that, but most websites seem to be run by massive corporations that almost don't have a face to go with them. That is why I believe that when a website not only has great customer service, but provides a personal experience, it deserves to be acknowledged.

A few weeks ago I purchased about 16 Copic markers from (their prices can't be beat!). Today I purchased some more. Not long after I completed this purchase I received the following letter in my email inbox...


I just happen to be reviewing some orders manually and noticed that you have not created a login/account for the site. You could be saving money on your orders if you use a login when ordering. You can login before or after adding items to your cart. When logged in, the lower price on items that offer a lower price will automatically show the lower price.

I am going to create a login for you. Your login is your ***** and your password will be your *****. You can change the password to whatever you would like by logging in and clicking the ‘my account’ link near the top of the page.

Your current order has been adjusted to reflect login pricing ($8.08 savings). The total charged to your card was $58.05.

Thank you for your continued business!

Rusty @ Oozak

Now, if that's not customer service at its best, I don't know what is! Also, in case you missed my previous post, here are some more great benefits of buying at

  • Orders received by 3:30 pm (Eastern time) go out the same day!
  • Orders $50 or more ship FREE

And they don't just carry Copics! They have a vast selection of supplies for art, paper crafting, bookbinding, laminating and more at prices you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else!

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